NamnExporterad avTill
* Abra Kadabras Beata Svart (9.02.1980) HD: UAAbra KadabrasNorway
Alistair's Absolutely Fabulous (28.06.2016) HD: C AD: 1Alistair'sNorway
Alistair's After Dark For Caldermist (28.06.2016) Alistair'sUnited Kingdom
Alistair's Afternoon Delight (28.06.2016) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sDenmark
Alistair's Black Magic (9.04.2017) Alistair'sNetherlands
* Alistair's Bring Down The House (27.11.2002) HD: BAlistair'sNorway
Alistair's Busy Doing Nothing (9.04.2017) Alistair'sUSA
Alistair's Captain Fantastic (24.05.2017) Alistair'sFrance
Alistair's Chocolate (24.05.2017) Alistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Clarisse Whith Class (29.11.1989) HD: AAlistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Dandelion (23.06.2004) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sDenmark
* Alistair's Dashing Design (23.06.2004) Alistair'sAustralia
Alistair's Designed Just Right For Kemelstowe (28.02.2018) Alistair'sUnited Kingdom
Alistair's Free And Easy (12.04.2005) HD: 1/2 AD: UAAlistair'sCzech Republic
* Alistair's Freshly Ground For Ashvale (22.06.2011) Alistair'sSouth Africa
Alistair's From Time To Time (12.04.2005) Alistair'sDenmark
Alistair's Good Vibrations (4.11.2005) Alistair'sAustralia
Alistair's Great X-Pectations (28.06.2001) HD: CAlistair'sFrance
Alistair's Happy Go Lucky (2.01.2007) Alistair'sUSA
Alistair's High Society (2.01.2007) Alistair'sUSA
* Alistair's Honey Honey (2.01.2007) HD: AAlistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Hope And Glory For Malandex (2.01.2007) HD: 3:3 AD: 0Alistair'sUnited Kingdom
Alistair's How Swede It Is (23.01.2013) Alistair'sNetherlands
Alistair's I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (2.07.2007) Alistair'sNorway
* Alistair's I Get A Kick Out Of You (2.07.2007) HD: AAlistair'sNorway
Alistair's Joyful Jolyn (14.03.2008) HD: AAlistair'sGermany
* Alistair's Kaiser Chief For Kiltondale (16.04.2008) HD: 4:4Alistair'sUnited Kingdom
* Alistair's Keep It Up (10.09.1995) Alistair'sNorway
Alistair's King Of Jazz (16.04.2008) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sNorway
Alistair's Lord Of The Ring (16.03.2009) Alistair'sDenmark
Alistair's Man Of Light And Leading (3.02.1996) HD: BAlistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Master Of Arts (2.04.1996) HD: AAlistair'sNorway
Alistair's My Swede Shadow (23.01.2013) Alistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Nothing To Declare (21.12.2009) Alistair'sItaly
Alistair's Ode To Joy (3.01.2011) Alistair'sUSA
Alistair's Oh Swede Lord (23.01.2013) HD: OFA Good AD: UAAlistair'sUSA
Alistair's Once In A Blue Moon (3.11.2011) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Practical Joke (22.06.2011) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Quite A Man (2.03.1998) HD: BAlistair'sDenmark
* Alistair's Ready Made For Malarkey (21.01.2012) HD: 4:2 AD: UAAlistair'sUnited Kingdom
Alistair's Renassaince At Ashvale (3.01.2014) Alistair'sSouth Africa
Alistair's Roll The Dice (21.01.2012) Alistair'sUSA
Alistair's Rule Britannia (21.01.2012) HD: EAlistair'sNorway
* Alistair's Swede Dreams (23.01.2013) HD: AAlistair'sCroatia
* Alistair's Tailormade (27.03.2013) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sFinland
* Alistair's Take It Or Leave It (22.07.1999) HD: BAlistair'sFrance
* Alistair's Temptation (27.03.2013) HD: AAlistair'sGermany
Alistair's That's Amore (27.03.2013) HD: B AD: UAAlistair'sFinland
* Alistair's Top Model (27.03.2013) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sCzech Republic
* Alistair's Uprising Star (27.03.2000) HD: B AD: UAAlistair'sDenmark
Alistair's Well Done (25.05.2000) Alistair'sNorway
Alistair's Wheel Of Fortune (8.01.2014) HD: D AD: UAAlistair'sFinland
* Alistair's Who's Zoomin Who (10.06.2016) HD: BAlistair'sGermany
Alistair's Wig Wam Bam (8.01.2014) Alistair'sNorway
Alistair's Willy Wonka (8.01.2014) HD: B AD: UAAlistair'sNorway
Alistair's Written In The Stars (8.01.2014) HD: AAlistair'sNorway
* Alistair's X-Press Yourself (28.06.2001) HD: C AD: UAAlistair'sSlovenia
Alistair's X-Tra Hot (28.06.2001) Alistair'sDenmark
* Alistair's Xpatriate At Malandex (2.05.2014) HD: 3:4 AD: UAAlistair'sUnited Kingdom
Alistair's Xtremely Cute (2.05.2014) HD: OFA Excellent AD: UAAlistair'sCanada
Alistair's Xuberantly Happy (2.05.2014) HD: SE-D. FR-BAlistair'sFrance
* Alistair's Yahoo (3.07.2001) HD: A AD: UAAlistair'sFinland
Alistair's Yippee-Yippee (3.07.2001) Alistair'sDenmark
Alistair's Yo Man What'z Up (29.04.2015) HD: B AD: UAAlistair'sNorway
Alistair's Yokemate (3.07.2001) Alistair'sItaly
* Alistair's You'll Never Walk Alone (29.04.2015) HD: AAlistair'sNetherlands
* Alistair's You Are My Sunshine (29.04.2015) HD: 4:5Alistair'sUnited Kingdom
* Alistair's You Make My Day (29.04.2015) Alistair'sRussia
Alistair's Yummie-Yummie (3.07.2001) Alistair'sDenmark
Alistair's Zenith Star Above Caldermist (10.06.2016) Alistair'sUnited Kingdom
* Alistair's Zest For Life (25.02.2002) HD: AAlistair'sGermany
Alvskogens To The Moon And Back (4.03.2016) AlvskogensFinland
Ameo's Famous Miss Rose (15.04.1999) Ameo'sDenmark
* Artix Apollo (28.08.1984) HD: AArtixNorway
* Artix Cashlie (23.10.1976) ArtixNorway
* Artix Sandra Dee (29.09.1982) HD: AArtixNorway
* Artix Sweet William (29.09.1982) HD: UAArtixNorway
* Awniescot's Caradoc Crown (12.05.2014) HD: BAwniescot'sGermany
* Basil's King Arthur (22.04.1988) Basil'sDenmark
* Beardcaper's Exquisite Dea Dro (20.08.1999) HD: A AD: UABeardcaper'sSlovakia
Beardcaper's Irish Whiskey (9.07.2003) HD: A AD: UABeardcaper'sFinland
Beardcaper's Let's Please Them (1.08.2006) Beardcaper'sDenmark
Beardcaper's Night Sky (10.11.2007) HD: A AD: UABeardcaper'sNorway
* Beardcaper's On Duty (14.11.2007) HD: A AD: UABeardcaper'sNorway
Beardcaper's Open Secret (14.11.2007) Beardcaper'sNorway
Beardcaper's Peggy-Sue (26.09.2011) Beardcaper'sSpain
Beardcaper's Playing For Change (26.09.2011) Beardcaper'sDenmark
Beardcaper's Point Of View (26.09.2011) HD: ABeardcaper'sMexico
Beardcaper's Royal Secret (26.05.1993) Beardcaper'sNorway
Beardcaper's Yes Sir I Can Boogie (1.09.1996) Beardcaper'sPoland
* Beardmarked's All For Love (11.11.2011) HD: ABeardmarked'sNetherlands
* Beardmarked's Bloody Luxury (14.06.2011) HD: ABeardmarked'sNetherlands
Beardmarked's Copper Pipe Type (20.07.2017) Beardmarked'sDenmark
Beardmarked's Forevermore (12.01.2011) Beardmarked'sGreece
Beardmarked's Gotta Love It (17.11.2013) Beardmarked'sNorway
Beardmarked's Hit 'An Run (14.06.2011) Beardmarked'sDenmark
* Beardmarked's Hot Chocolate Fudge (4.11.2014) Beardmarked'sFrance
Beardmarked's It Aint Easy (16.04.1999) Beardmarked'sDenmark
Beardmarked's Mean Business (14.06.2011) HD: B AD: UABeardmarked'sFinland
* Beardmarked's Name Of The Game (28.06.1998) HD: B AD: UABeardmarked'sFinland
Beardmarked's Push Comes To Showe (17.11.2013) HD: A AD: UABeardmarked'sFinland
* Beardmarked's Razz Matazz (21.12.2004) HD: A AD: UABeardmarked'sDenmark
* Beardmarked's Sight For Sore Eyes (17.11.2013) HD: ABeardmarked'sFrance
Beardmarked's Slip Of The Tongue (12.01.2011) HD: ABeardmarked'sGermany
Beardmarked's Snakebite (12.01.2011) Beardmarked'sDenmark
* Beardmarked's Steam Roller (17.09.2005) HD: ABeardmarked'sGermany
Beardmarked's Sticky Toffee Pie (4.11.2014) HD: A AD: UABeardmarked'sGermany
* Beardmarked's Suger'n'spice (17.09.2005) HD: BBeardmarked'sDenmark
* Beardmarked's Swedish Crown (28.09.2012) HD: BBeardmarked'sFrance
Beardmarked's Sweet Emotion (17.11.2013) Beardmarked'sDenmark
Beardmarked's That's My Attitude (20.03.2016) HD: A AD: UABeardmarked'sFinland
* Beardmarked's Three Mile Smile (17.11.2013) HD: ABeardmarked'sNetherlands
* Beardmarked's U Wish At Miner's Lake (9.04.2007) HD: BBeardmarked'sGermany
* Beardmarked's Ultimate Brownie For Oscarlusion (4.11.2014) HD: 3:3Beardmarked'sUnited Kingdom
Beardranch Next Star Black Oswald (27.08.1995) BeardranchItaly
Beastly's A Red Red Rose (29.01.2016) Beastly'sBelgium
Beastly's Aberdeen Angus (18.05.2015) HD: ABeastly'sNorway
* Beastly's Across The Universe (27.01.2000) HD: A AD: UABeastly'sFinland
* Beastly's Duncan Gray (29.01.2016) HD: ABeastly'sGermany
Beastly's Elaine Of Garlot (11.04.2009) Beastly'sBelgium
Beastly's Fickle Fortune (29.01.2016) HD: A AD: UABeastly'sNorway
Beastly's Kellyburn Braes (29.01.2016) Beastly'sFinland
Beastly's Magic Time (13.06.2005) HD: ABeastly'sFinland
Beastly's Never Say Never (8.01.2004) HD: A AD: UABeastly'sFinland
* Beastly's Nevermore Without You (8.01.2004) HD: B AD: UABeastly'sSpain
Beastly's Nevertheless (8.01.2004) Beastly'sNorway
Beastly's Nic Of Bothwell (6.12.2006) HD: A AD: UABeastly'sFinland
* Beastly's No-No Look For Malvasur (20.05.2004) HD: A AD: UABeastly'sSpain
Beastly's Selkrik Bannock (17.11.2009) Beastly'sBelgium
Beastly's Tailor Made (15.12.2000) Beastly'sUSA
* Bedazzels Athena (9.06.1987) BedazzelsNorway
* Belisima (13.02.1977) HD: AUtan KennelnamnNorway
Bellbreeds Black Hampus (16.11.1978) HD: OFA NormalBellbreedsUSA
* Bellbreeds Black Pearl (16.05.1979) BellbreedsDenmark
* Blomsjöns Filippablue (6.07.1984) HD: ABlomsjönsNorway
* Bobelina (22.02.1961) Utan KennelnamnNorway
Boomtown Arcadiator (12.07.2015) BoomtownFinland
Boomtown Babelutte (10.09.2013) BoomtownFinland
Boomtown Bolleke (10.09.2013) BoomtownBelgium
Boomtown Carpentress (21.05.2009) BoomtownDenmark
* Boomtown Cinderella (5.03.2007) HD: ABoomtownBelgium
Boomtown Drop By (16.03.2006) HD: ABoomtownNorway
Boomtown Faithful John (5.03.2007) HD: A AD: UABoomtownNorway
Boomtown French Braid (24.01.2011) HD: B AD: UABoomtownFinland
Boomtown French Flair (24.01.2011) HD: B AD: UABoomtownFinland
Boomtown Maid Maleen (5.03.2007) BoomtownNorway
Boomtown Mia Hamm (1.03.2007) HD: ABoomtownNorway
* Boomtown No April Fool (1.04.1999) HD: A AD: UABoomtownFinland
Boomtown Rapunzel (5.03.2007) BoomtownNorway
Boomtown Titania (21.06.2007) HD: B AD: UABoomtownFinland
Boopies Heaven Hill (16.10.1990) BoopiesNorway
Breaker Happy Go Lucky (11.02.2015) HD: CBreakerNorway
Breaker High Affinity (11.02.2015) BreakerSpain
Certain's Black Belle (24.06.1997) Certain'sNorway
Certain's Bumble-Bee (24.06.1997) Certain'sNorway
* Certain's Busy As A Bee (24.06.1997) Certain'sNorway
* Certain's Clever Clarissa (13.08.1998) Certain'sNorway
Certain's Eddie Murphy (11.03.2002) HD: ACertain'sNorway
Certain's Give Me Your Love (26.06.2007) Certain'sNorway
Certain's Go For It (26.06.2007) HD: B AD: UACertain'sNorway
Certain's Grace 'N' Glory (26.06.2007) HD: ACertain'sNorway
Certain's Grain Of Gold (26.06.2007) Certain'sNorway
Certain's Gulliver (26.06.2007) Certain'sNorway
Clic's Glory Gillette (6.03.1987) Clic'sNorway
Cool Heart's Bond James Bond (8.05.2017) HD: A AD: UACool HeartsFinland
Dashing Paws Priceless Gold Nugget (7.05.2003) HD: A AD: UADashing PawsUnited Kingdom
Divans Black Velvet (8.08.2007) DivansNorway
Dreamfactory Angel (5.01.2006) HD: A AD: UADreamfactoryDenmark
Dreamfactory Deep Sea (1.06.2012) DreamfactoryDenmark
Dreamfactory Easygoing Lifestyler (14.07.2014) DreamfactoryDenmark
* Dreamfactory Enchanting Look (14.07.2014) HD: BDreamfactoryGermany
Edenbridge Chosen One (7.03.2012) EdenbridgeUSA
* Fable's Fendi Gdt (28.02.1989) HD: AFable'sUnited Kingdom
* Farmarens Berry (23.06.1973) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Black Baluns (9.11.1979) HD: UAFarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Black Elisabetan Serenade (23.05.1984) FarmarensDenmark
* Farmarens Black Figaro (31.08.1980) HD: UAFarmarensFinland
Farmarens Black Ilona (9.05.1981) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Black Karuso (13.02.1976) FarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Black Miss Mabel (24.04.1985) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Black Miss Mandy (24.04.1985) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Black Odessa (10.02.1977) HD: UAFarmarensNorway
Farmarens Black Pleasure Pansy (3.02.1982) FarmarensUSA
Farmarens Black Quanda (5.06.1977) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Black Sweet Samantha (26.09.1982) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Black Ursus (17.05.1978) FarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Black Utopia (17.05.1978) FarmarensDenmark
* Farmarens Black Xeleste (10.10.1978) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Black Zefyr (16.06.1979) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Black Zeppelin (13.09.1983) FarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Black Zilla (16.06.1979) HD: AFarmarensNorway
Farmarens Bling Dynasty (11.03.2017) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Blue Lady Olivia (27.11.1981) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Blue Nimbus (28.09.1981) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Blue Obelix Occasion (8.06.1985) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Blue Zamantha (16.06.1979) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens British Biscuit (14.06.1989) HD: 1FarmarensDenmark
* Farmarens Brown Jasper (3.06.1981) FarmarensDenmark
* Farmarens Charming Constanzia (31.07.1989) FarmarensDenmark
* Farmarens Daisy Doolittle Of Sweden (12.03.1987) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Delphi Dancer Of Sweden (28.03.1987) FarmarensDenmark
* Farmarens Dinky Dalesman Of Sweden (28.03.1987) FarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Dixi (7.02.1974) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Echo Of The Past (13.05.2006) HD: C AD: UAFarmarensUSA
Farmarens Elegant Elektra (13.05.2006) HD: CFarmarensGermany
* Farmarens Essential For Ramsgrove (13.05.2006) HD: 4:3FarmarensUnited Kingdom
Farmarens Five-O-Clock-Shadow (8.04.1994) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Gone With The Wind (1.12.1994) HD: BFarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Hallo Sallie (11.09.2007) FarmarensGermany
* Farmarens Hannie (31.03.1975) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Hey Good Looking (11.09.2007) FarmarensUSA
Farmarens Highland Hillscout (27.05.1987) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Highland Piper (11.09.2007) HD: OFA ExcellentFarmarensUSA
Farmarens His Master Voice (11.09.2007) FarmarensSpain
* Farmarens Hope And Charmer (11.09.2007) HD: AFarmarensFrance
Farmarens Hot Prospect (11.09.2007) FarmarensUSA
Farmarens Hudson (31.03.1975) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Ice Diamond At Sylvabrae (18.11.2008) HD: 3:4FarmarensUnited Kingdom
* Farmarens Isabeth (9.07.1975) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Isadora (9.07.1975) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Ismira (9.07.1975) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Jacked Potatoes (13.12.1995) HD: UA AD: UAFarmarensFinland
Farmarens Jambi (14.12.1975) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens James The Boy (5.04.1990) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Jimick (14.12.1975) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Jingel Bell (14.12.1975) HD: AFarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Just A Blue Star (26.03.2009) HD: AFarmarensFrance
* Farmarens Just Jolly (26.03.2009) FarmarensPoland
Farmarens Katja Kissproof Of Sweden (9.11.1987) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Kid Sister Klara (15.07.1997) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens King Of The Castle (15.07.1997) HD: A AD: UAFarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Last Surprise (16.07.1997) HD: UA AD: UAFarmarensUSA
Farmarens Liberty Bell (16.07.1997) FarmarensUSA
* Farmarens Long Way To Heaven (16.07.1997) HD: CFarmarensFinland
Farmarens Lord'n Master Of Sweden (25.11.1987) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Lukas (3.09.1967) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Lyricl Lapaloma (4.08.1990) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Lyricl Limrick (4.08.1990) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Maggie May (17.02.1998) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Midnight Cowboy (2.01.1984) FarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Mr Right (14.01.2011) HD: AFarmarensNorway
* Farmarens New Gossip (20.02.2011) HD: AFarmarensPoland
* Farmarens Nobless Oblige (20.02.2011) FarmarensFrance
Farmarens Odd Molly (21.02.2012) HD: A AD: CFarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Once In A While (4.09.1998) HD: A AD: UAFarmarensFinland
Farmarens One Night Fling (4.09.1998) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Oriental Prince (21.02.2012) HD: B AD: UAFarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Pearls Of Passion (12.05.2012) FarmarensItaly
Farmarens Piccola (16.05.1969) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Pick Pocket (2.11.1998) HD: D AD: UAFarmarensFinland
Farmarens Porthos Partisan (21.06.1988) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Pretty Me (12.05.2012) HD: AFarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Qing Of Sweden (14.03.2013) FarmarensFrance
* Farmarens Qual Quo Vadis (17.07.1985) FarmarensDenmark
Farmarens Qualificated Beauty (14.03.2013) HD: C AD: UAFarmarensNorway
Farmarens Que Sera Sera (21.11.1998) FarmarensFinland
Farmarens Quite Like Brian (14.03.2013) FarmarensAustralia
* Farmarens Qurbitz Queen (22.06.1988) HD: UAFarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Rippling Replica (27.06.1988) FarmarensDenmark
* Farmarens Rock N' Rebel (14.06.2013) HD: B AD: UAFarmarensFinland
Farmarens Short Notice Serina (1.12.1985) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens So Far So Good (18.03.2000) HD: C AD: UAFarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Strongbow (25.06.1991) HD: CFarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Take It To The Max (10.06.2001) HD: C AD: UAFarmarensFinland
* Farmarens True Temptation (28.10.2014) HD: AFarmarensGermany
Farmarens Twilight Sparkle (28.10.2014) FarmarensUnited Kingdom
Farmarens Under Your Spell (27.02.2015) FarmarensUSA
* Farmarens Up To You Suger (17.10.1988) HD: UAFarmarensFinland
Farmarens Up With Flame (18.07.2001) HD: CFarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Viking Of Sweden (3.10.2015) HD: C AD: UAFarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Wee Witch (24.05.1971) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Why Do It (18.03.2002) HD: A AD: UAFarmarensNorway
Farmarens Wi-King Yippee Of Sweden (10.07.1986) FarmarensAustria
Farmarens Winter Love (14.11.2015) HD: C AD: UAFarmarensFinland
Farmarens Wishbone Willie (24.05.1971) FarmarensFinland
* Farmarens Wixi Wee (24.05.1971) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Xantippa Of Sweden (28.06.1986) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Xelcior Of Sweden (28.06.1986) FarmarensFrance
Farmarens Young Rascal (11.04.2003) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Yulia Of Sweden (10.07.1986) FarmarensNorway
Farmarens Zero Zero Zeven (28.04.2016) HD: A AD: UAFarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Zorella Of Sweden (31.08.1986) FarmarensNorway
* Farmarens Zweet Zaraband (19.12.2003) HD: A/B AD: UAFarmarensFinland
Fashionpack's Head Line (12.09.2003) Fashionpack'sNorway
Fashionpack's Princess Penny (14.05.2010) Fashionpack'sNorway
* Fjällglimtens Hambledon (26.07.1998) HD: UA AD: UAFjällglimtensDenmark
Fjällglimtens Joulins Treasure (11.07.2008) FjällglimtensNorway
* Freesbees Fair Play (29.05.1987) FreesbeesNorway
* Freesbees Frosty-Florian (25.09.1983) FreesbeesDenmark
Freesbees Springtime News (16.03.1991) FreesbeesNorway
Funbeeco's Eye Catcher (25.02.2006) Funbeeco'sNorway
* Gearfly's Candle In The Wind (28.03.2002) HD: A AD: UAGearfly'sFinland
* Glenlee Cloudberry (1.05.1977) GlenleeGermany
-Glenspey All Star (30.10.2015) HD: A AD: UADenmark
Glenspey Blueberry Blossom (2.05.2013) GlenspeyFrance
Glenspey Bringing Up Baby (22.12.2012) GlenspeyDenmark
* Glenspey Bullet Proof Soul At Corimist (12.10.2011) HD: 6:5GlenspeyUnited Kingdom
Glenspey Dark And Stormy (2.05.2013) HD: A AD: UAGlenspeyFinland
Glenspey Diamond Life In Beardiewood (12.10.2011) HD: 3:6GlenspeyUnited Kingdom
Glenspey His Girl Friday (22.12.2012) GlenspeyDenmark
* Glenspey Jungle Juice (2.05.2013) HD: OFA GoodGlenspeyUSA
-Glenspey Lone Star (30.10.2015) USA
* Glenspey Midnight Cowboy (22.12.2012) HD: AGlenspeyNetherlands
Glenspey Pirate Queen (8.12.2013) GlenspeyUSA
-Glenspey Radiostar (30.10.2015) Denmark
Glenspey Star Swinger (1.07.2017) GlenspeyFinland
-Glenspey Starcraft (30.10.2015) USA
* -Glenspey Starcruiser (30.10.2015) HD: A AD: UASwitzerland
Glenspey Swing That Cat (1.07.2017) GlenspeyFaroe Islands
Glenspey Taking My Turn (8.12.2013) HD: OFA Excellent AD: UAGlenspeyUSA
Glenspey Your Love Is King (12.10.2011) HD: A AD: UAGlenspeyDenmark
* Goonie's Flash Of Lightning (2.09.2004) HD: B AD: UAGoonie'sFinland
Goonie's Gimme Gimme (27.05.2005) HD: A AD: UAGoonie'sFinland
Goonie's Joyful Doll (19.05.2015) Goonie'sNorway
Great Estate's Lord-Bottons (20.05.2017) HD: AGreat Estate'sDenmark
Hairdog's Blizz On Easter (13.04.2017) Hairdog'sGermany
Hairdog's Break The Ice (21.03.2014) Hairdog'sGermany
Hairdog's Casino Free Spins (1.07.2017) Hairdog'sDenmark
Hairdog's Oops I Did It Again (21.03.2014) Hairdog'sNorway
Hairdog's Peter Pan (1.03.2014) Hairdog'sGermany
* Hairdog's Sweet Liquorice (21.03.2014) HD: AHairdog'sGermany
* Hairdog's Tinkerbell (1.03.2014) HD: AHairdog'sGermany
Hairdog's Yellow-Belly (19.04.2007) HD: AHairdog'sNorway
Hairdog's Your's Yahoo (19.04.2007) Hairdog'sNorway
Heather Mist All That Matters (6.06.2003) Heather MistFinland
Heather Mist Howling For You (4.03.2016) Heather MistIceland
* Heather Mist Hunky Dory (12.10.1996) HD: A AD: UAHeather MistFinland
Heathervalley's Guzzi (7.10.2007) HD: BHeathervalley'sDenmark
Heathervalley's Kevin (4.11.2004) Heathervalley'sNorway
High Jack All 'Bout The Money (18.01.2006) High JackDenmark
High Jack By The Way (7.06.2003) HD: A AD: UAHigh JackNorway
High Jack Caughtcha Lookin' (20.12.2009) HD: AHigh JackGermany
High Jack Dontcha Wannit (20.12.2009) High JackDenmark
High Jack Firecrackers N Rockets (10.08.2017) High JackDenmark
High Jack Fireworks N Champagne (10.08.2017) High JackCanada
High Jack Gimme Mo' Money (18.01.2006) HD: A AD: UAHigh JackDenmark
High Jack Hoola Hoop (10.10.2008) HD: B AD: UAHigh JackFinland
High Jack Money Money Money (18.01.2006) High JackBelgium
High Jack Putcha Papaws Up (20.12.2009) High JackUSA
High Jack Showing Attitude (18.01.2004) HD: A AD: UAHigh JackCanada
High Jack Showing Off (18.01.2004) High JackSpain
* High Jack Showing The Way (18.01.2004) HD: A AD: UAHigh JackFinland
* High Jack Southern Starlight (19.11.2003) HD: OFA ExcellentHigh JackUSA
High Jack Spitfires N Hurricanes (10.08.2017) High JackDenmark
High Jack Step By Step (7.06.2003) High JackGermany
* High Jack Ultimate Experience (31.05.2015) High JackAustralia
High Jack Unconditional Love (31.05.2015) High JackDenmark
High Jack Va-Va-Voom (10.10.2008) HD: A AD: UAHigh JackDenmark
High Jack Whatcha Waitin' For (20.12.2009) High JackUSA
High Jack Wildfire N Smoke (10.08.2017) HD: AHigh JackDenmark
* High Jack Yabba-Doo (10.10.2008) HD: AHigh JackGermany
* Highflying Ace Of Hearts (26.02.2006) HD: B AD: UAHighflyingDenmark
Highflying All The Way (5.03.2007) HighflyingDenmark
Highflying Any Time At All (27.09.2001) HighflyingCanada
* Highflying Change Of Hearts (16.01.2008) HD: AHighflyingNetherlands
Highflying Chatauqua (3.02.2005) HD: B AD: UAHighflyingDenmark
Highflying Chickasaw (3.02.2005) HD: A AD: UAHighflyingFinland
* Highflying Choice Of Blue Heaven (17.01.2001) HD: BHighflyingDenmark
Highflying Choice Of Great Vision (17.01.2001) HD: DHighflyingNorway
Highflying Conleys Celtic Frost (30.09.2008) HD: OFA ExcellentHighflyingUSA
* Highflying Fire Away (5.03.2007) HD: OFA Fair AD: UAHighflyingUSA
Highflying First Degree (21.10.2014) HighflyingUSA
Highflying Flicker Of Light (19.08.2009) HD: A/A AD: UAHighflyingFinland
Highflying Inca Jewel (30.09.2008) HighflyingNorway
* Highflying Missionary Man (10.04.2003) HD: AHighflyingFrance
Highflying Mister Moonlight (10.04.2003) HighflyingDenmark
Highflying Misty Blue (18.01.2018) HighflyingDenmark
Highflying No Comments (4.09.2004) HD: C AD: UAHighflyingDenmark
Highflying No Kidding (4.09.2004) HighflyingNorway
Highflying One More Time (27.09.2001) HighflyingDenmark
* Highflying Outa My Way (5.03.2007) HD: A AD: UAHighflyingNorway
Highflying Party Man (18.01.2018) HighflyingNorway
Highflying Point Of View (16.01.2008) HD: A AD: UAHighflyingNorway
Highflying Purple Rain (18.01.2018) HighflyingDenmark
Highflying Sexy Dancer At Debbeacol (18.01.2018) HighflyingUnited Kingdom
Highflying Show Me The Way (5.03.2007) HD: AHighflyingNetherlands
* Highflying Straight Flush (26.02.2006) HD: A AD: UAHighflyingFinland
Highflying That's My Boy (27.04.2003) HighflyingDenmark
Highflying Time Of My Life (27.09.2001) HighflyingDenmark
Highflying Way To Go (5.03.2007) HighflyingDenmark
Highflying Winter Blush (30.09.2008) HD: D AD: UAHighflyingNorway
Highflying Yakety Yak (5.11.2011) HighflyingDenmark
* Highland Magic's Always Flaching (24.08.1996) HD: UA AD: UAHighland Magic'sNorway
Honeytaste Absolut Amore (5.04.2007) HoneytasteDenmark
Honeytaste Absolut Candy Punch (5.04.2007) HD: C AD: UAHoneytasteNorway
Honeytaste Absolut Vince Vega (5.04.2007) HoneytasteDenmark
Honeytaste Cat In The Hat (19.04.2011) HD: CHoneytasteDenmark
Honeytaste Didgeridoo (24.02.2001) HoneytasteDenmark
* Honeytaste Drop Dead Beautiful (27.06.2009) HD: AHoneytasteNetherlands
* Honeytaste Hotter Than Hell (27.06.2009) HD: A AD: UAHoneytasteCzech Republic
* Honeytaste Kick Some Ass (27.06.2009) HD: C AD: UAHoneytasteFinland
Honeytaste Mr Tag Heuer (8.02.2017) HoneytasteSouth Africa
Honeytaste Naughty Boy (8.04.2006) HoneytasteNorway
* Honeytaste Real Stunning (27.06.2009) HD: AHoneytasteFrance
Honeytaste Sexy Beast (8.04.2006) HoneytasteDenmark
Honeytaste Smith Jarrod (27.05.2008) HD: A AD: UAHoneytasteFinland
* Honeytaste Star Gloss (10.04.2005) HD: BHoneytasteDenmark
* Honeytaste Super Star (10.04.2005) HD: AHoneytasteGermany
* Honeywells All Over The Place (11.12.1990) HD: AHoneywellsNorway
Humblebee's Getn'certified (24.08.2010) Humblebee'sNorway
* Ingelberts Black Sicona (10.02.1975) IngelbertsNorway
Isblommans Dolores Claiborne (5.09.2001) IsblommansNorway
Isblommans E-Mail (2.12.2000) IsblommansNorway
Isblommans Hard To Get (9.12.2000) HD: D AD: UAIsblommansFinland
Isblommans Mrs Doubtfire (5.09.2001) IsblommansNorway
Isblommans Rachel Green (25.07.2003) IsblommansUSA
Isblommans Ross Geller (25.07.2003) IsblommansNorway
Isblommans Spring Collection (16.05.1999) IsblommansFinland
Isblommans World Wide Web (2.12.2000) IsblommansNorway
* Jarlabankes Svarte Terje (18.05.1979) JarlabankensDenmark
Kajsa Varg's Silva (6.08.1987) Kajsa Varg'sNorway
Kolingens Born To Be Wild (20.10.1996) KolingensPortugal
Krattagårdens Timjan (11.04.1990) HD: UAKrattagårdensUSA
* Lärkängen's At Firsticebears (21.04.2011) HD: BLärkängen'sBelgium
Lärkängen's Blueberry Hill (10.03.2012) HD: BLärkängen'sNorway
Lärkängen's Especially For You (16.03.1997) Lärkängen'sNorway
Lärkängen's Everybodys Star (8.05.2015) Lärkängen'sUSA
Lärkängen's Everything Of Love (8.05.2015) HD: A AD: UALärkängen'sNorway
* Lärkängen's Flamenco Girl (13.04.2016) HD: BLärkängen'sGermany
Lärkängen's Friend Like Me (13.04.2016) HD: A AD: UALärkängen'sFinland
Lärkängen's Galway Girl (27.04.2017) Lärkängen'sNorway
Lärkängen's Genie In A Bottle (27.04.2017) Lärkängen'sAustria
Lärkängen's Get Your Shine On (27.04.2017) Lärkängen'sCzech Republic
Lärkängen's Question Of Love (7.05.2005) HD: A AD: UALärkängen'sNorway
Lärkängen's Rock'n Roll Ruby (28.02.2006) Lärkängen'sNorway
Lärkängen's Take It Easy (7.03.2007) HD: ALärkängen'sNorway
Lärkängen's Water From The Moon (1.02.2009) HD: ALärkängen'sNorway
Lärkängen's Xenion (14.06.2009) HD: ALärkängen'sNorway
* Lässebackens Micky (26.05.1970) Lässebacken'sDenmark
* Lässebackens Xerxes (4.09.1972) Lässebacken'sDenmark
Mac Baffi's Highlands Glen (11.01.2008) HD: A AD: UAMac Baffi'sNorway
Mac Baffi's Little Of Morton Rig (18.12.2008) Mac Baffi'sDenmark
Mac Baffi's Oscar De La Renta (25.10.2002) Mac Baffi'sFinland
Mac Baffi's Speyside Spey (11.01.2008) Mac Baffi'sDenmark
Mac Ginnie's Nightly Rhapsody (18.06.1987) Mac Ginnie'sNorway
* Miboy-Black (29.11.1981) HD: UAUtan KennelnamnFinland
* Midnight's Crazy In Love (25.08.2005) HD: C AD: UAMidnight'sFinland
* Midnight's Wicked Witch (24.09.2001) HD: B AD: UAMidnight'sFinland
* Midnight's Zeb (9.09.2003) HD: AMidnight'sNorway
Mountain Amber's Crazy Love (26.04.2008) Mountain Amber'sNorway
Nallelandets Absent-Minded Andrew (14.11.2010) NallelandetsNorway
Nallelandets Adorable Alesandra (14.11.2010) HD: A AD: UANallelandetsGermany
* Nallelandets Ambassador (14.11.2010) NallelandetsFinland
Nallelandets Black Beauty (12.06.2013) HD: A AD: UANallelandetsFinland
Nickelbys Eastern Export (22.03.1990) NickelbysFinland
Nickelbys Forester (9.10.1990) NickelbysFinland
Nickelbys Over The Crowd (3.06.2001) NickelbysFinland
* Nickelbys Princess Of Hope (24.05.2004) HD: ANickelbysGermany
* Nickelbys Sweet Alice The Baroness (20.04.2008) HD: ANickelbysBelgium
* Old Smuggler's Her Highness (15.09.1993) HD: OFA GoodOld Smuggler'sUSA
Old Smuggler's High Wire Act (28.04.2010) Old Smuggler'sUSA
Old Smuggler's Lion Tamer (28.04.2010) Old Smuggler'sUSA
Old Smuggler's Paper Moon (5.09.1989) HD: COld Smuggler'sDenmark
Old Smuggler's Tramontana Bryanna (6.06.2013) HD: B AD: UAOld Smuggler'sItaly
Old Smuggler's Young At Heart (14.02.2017) Old Smuggler'sUSA
Peach-Melba (25.07.1985) Utan KennelnamnDenmark
* Quarry's Honey Honey (22.01.1994) Quarry'sNorway
* Quarry's Unforgettable Uno (26.12.2003) HD: A AD: UAQuarry'sNorway
Quarry's Union Jack (26.12.2003) HD: A AD: UAQuarry'sNorway
Rivermeadow's Sugar Pea (15.05.1998) Rivermeadow'sDenmark
Rumängens Eulalia (27.05.2007) RumängensFinland
Shinuba's High Spirit (2.09.2004) Shinuba'sGermany
Shinuba's Highlander (2.09.2004) HD: C AD: UAShinuba'sNorway
* Shinuba's Highlight At Martanja (2.09.2004) HD: AShinuba'sGermany
Shinuba's Hot Chocolate (2.09.2004) HD: C AD: UAShinuba'sDenmark
Shinuba's Jitterbug (18.11.2005) Shinuba'sDenmark
Shinuba's Jive Dancing (18.11.2005) Shinuba'sNorway
Shinuba's Jolly Jumper (18.11.2005) Shinuba'sGermany
Shinuba's Jumbo Jet (18.11.2005) Shinuba'sDenmark
Shinuba's Live'n Learn (9.08.2007) Shinuba'sDenmark
Shinuba's Lock Stock'n Barrel (9.08.2007) Shinuba'sDenmark
* Shinuba's Loud'n Proud (9.08.2007) Shinuba'sCzech Republic
* Shinuba's Oceanic Goddess (23.05.2008) HD: AShinuba'sCzech Republic
* Shorelines Bonjour Chagalle (14.07.2001) HD: AShorelinesDenmark
Shorelines Bonjour Monet (14.07.2001) ShorelinesFinland
* Shorelines Destination Denmark (17.10.2004) HD: A AD: UAShorelinesDenmark
Shorelines East Coast Ecco (14.05.2007) ShorelinesGermany
* Shorelines East Coast Emperor (14.05.2007) HD: AShorelinesNorway
Shorelines East Coast Evita (14.05.2007) HD: A AD: UAShorelinesNorway
* Shorelines Fishermans Fairytale (27.09.2009) HD: AShorelinesGermany
* Siggans Felicia (30.01.2000) HD: A AD: UASiggansCzech Republic
* Skarnbro's Fortune Trigger (28.01.1986) Skarnbro'sNorway
Sky's Black Exellens (21.10.1987) Sky'sGermany
* Soundtrack's Charmy-Fighter (21.07.1992) HD: ASoundtrack'sNorway
* Stardogs Bless-My-Heart (2.11.1971) StardogsGermany
Stay Behind's No Wonder (3.10.2007) HD: A AD: UAStay Behind'sNorway
* Svassas Born Sweet (13.10.2006) HD: A AD: UASvassasNorway
Svassas First Choice (21.04.2005) HD: C AD: UASvassasFinland
Svassas Go For Glory (11.03.2010) HD: A AD: UASvassasNorway
Svassas Go For Success (11.03.2010) HD: A AD: UASvassasNorway
Svassas Have A Feeling (29.04.2013) HD: A AD: UASvassasNorway
Synvillans Happyheart (20.06.2006) SynvillansNorway
Synvillans Heartbreaker Tango (29.03.2009) SynvillansNorway
Synvillans Maximillian (22.04.1995) SynvillansDenmark
* Synvillans Skyeline At Barkly (15.01.2000) HD: 5:12SynvillansUnited Kingdom
Trollflöjtens Arizona Junior (28.09.1994) TrollflöjtensUSA
Trollflöjtens Caspar (27.10.1990) TrollflöjtensNorway
Trollflöjtens Castor (27.10.1990) TrollflöjtensNorway
Trollflöjtens E-Mail From Georgia (20.05.1997) TrollflöjtensRussia
* Trollflöjtens Nobel Prize (12.05.1996) HD: OFA Good AD: NormalTrollflöjtensUSA
Trollflöjtens Nomade Noire (10.07.1982) TrollflöjtensGermany
Trollflöjtens Philip Marlow (14.03.1994) TrollflöjtensGermany
* Trollflöjtens Prima Donna At Ramzo (6.04.1991) HD: ATrollflöjtensNorway
Trollflöjtens Spirit Of Ecstasy (10.10.1989) TrollflöjtensDenmark
Turbolines Lady Marmelade (30.05.2000) TurbolinesCanada
Typografen's Layout (26.05.2007) HD: ATypografen'sUSA
* Typografen's Netscape Navigator (8.09.2008) HD: B AD: 1Typografen'sFinland
Typografen's One Night Stand (2.11.2008) HD: C AD: UATypografen'sNorway
* Typografen's Trade Gothic (16.02.1998) HD: ATypografen'sFinland
* Vallarens Ulla-Bella (18.02.2008) HD: AVallarensAustria
* Vallklanens Great Ben Nevis (16.06.2010) HD: A AD: UAVallklanensFinland
* Vallklanens Lady Paisley (16.06.2010) HD: A AD: UAVallklanensNorway
Valltorpets Coco Chanel (18.09.1997) ValltorpetsNorway
Valltorpets Eric Clapton (8.09.1997) ValltorpetsNorway
Valltorpets Gloria Estefan (2.06.1998) ValltorpetsNorway
Valltorpets Happy Holiday (21.09.1998) ValltorpetsNorway
Valltorpets Naomi Campell (20.02.2001) ValltorpetsNorway
Windtails Compagno (22.07.2009) HD: AWindtailsGermany
Woolpack's Big Love (26.04.1996) HD: BWoolpack'sFinland
* Woolpack's Bubble And Squeak (3.06.1991) HD: AWoolpack'sNorway
* Woolpack's Constellation (10.05.1992) Woolpack'sNorway
* Woolpack's Diamond Ring (10.12.1992) HD: AWoolpack'sFinland
* Woolpack's Eye For An Eye (10.11.1993) HD: AWoolpack'sFinland
Woolpack's Eye Of A Needle (10.11.1993) Woolpack'sFinland
Woolpack's Gooseberry-Fool (7.12.1994) HD: OFA GoodWoolpack'sUSA
Woolpack's Keepsake (6.01.1996) Woolpack'sFinland
* Woolpack's Nuts About Chocolate (29.10.1998) HD: UAWoolpack'sNorway
* Woolpack's Nuts About Punsch (29.10.1998) HD: UAWoolpack'sNorway
Woolpack's Oriental Mystery (1.05.2001) HD: AWoolpack'sNorway
* Woolpack's Oriental Spicy Pie (1.05.2001) Woolpack'sSpain
* Woolpack's Plum Cake (12.03.2002) HD: AWoolpack'sFinland
* Woolpack's Quarter Of A Million (11.04.1987) Woolpack'sNorway
* Woolpack's Right Choice (10.05.1992) HD: AWoolpack'sNorway
Woolpack's Rough Diamond (10.12.1992) Woolpack'sNorway
Woolpack's Wild Razpberry (9.05.2008) HD: A AD: UAWoolpack'sNorway
* Woolpack's X-Tra Thunderstorm (17.07.1990) Woolpack'sNorway
Woolpack's Zweet Baby (26.01.1991) HD: DWoolpack'sNorway
Xandio's The Celts (24.01.2006) Xandio'sNorway
* Xo-Line's Barbie Benton (12.09.1983) HD: AXo-Line'sNorway
* Xo-Line's Honey Hill Hopkins (22.03.1987) HD: AXo-Line'sNorway